Seifuku Robinson Chapter 4

Here’s the second part of the Seifuku Robinson double-header. And like I have said before, this is the last raws that I have, so until someone does this, Chapter 4 will sadly be the last one we’ll see for a long time.



Once again, thank you very much for psychorhthym of MSD for cleaning and redrawing the chapters for me. While I’m not doing this, I will be focusing on other series we have for the group, as you can see on the sidebar. Again, if anyone can provide me raws of the series, whether you’re in another scan group or not, feel free to approach me if you need a translator and/or typesetter. Comment here, PM me on Batoto or on our Discord Server at MSD.


Also, expect some analysis from me regarding the series, and that’s to come out in a couple of days. And so, without further ado, Chapter 4: Love Letter.


Download | Read Online


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