Seifuku Robinson Chapter 3

Hey everyone! I’ve been meaning to do this series for quite some time already, and to my surprise, there were some chapters available. And so, this is my first release on this blog. Read on for the links and a bit of an info regarding this series.



I originally suggested this to MSD when I came back, but there was a lack of support for it. After some time, I found chapters 3 and 4, and enlisted the help of psychorhythm to clean and redraw the chapter. Thank you very much, psy! Hopefully this will get people interested in the series again. I am very willing to continue the series, but without any other raws, I’m gonna be in a tight spot on this. If anyone can provide me volume raws of the series, or digital raws for the magazine chapters published on Shonen Magazine Edge, I’ll gladly translate the series. Just contact me here, or on Batoto, or even on the MSD Discord server.


And so, without further ado, Chapter 3: Zerohara.


Download | Read Online


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