An Ode to Ayane

Welcome me back. It’s my first post here after a few years, and I hope to really get things going here, starting with this post. In case you haven’t read it yet, MSD has just finished a series called Shionomiya Ayane wa Machigaenai (Shionomiya Ayane Never Makes an Error), by which I have definitely had a hand with. In case you’re curious, here’s my take on this 18-chapter series I had the pleasure of translating.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I became a huge fan of Bungo Stray Dogs. When I found out that ASAGIRI Kafka-sensei has other works, I went and looked for them with the intention of at least scanlating one of them. Aside from BSD, he was serializing Minase Youmu to Hontou wa Kowai Cthulhu Shinwa and this series, which will now be referred to as Ayane. Because of the availability of raws at that time, I chose the latter. Despite that, it had the worst mag raws possible, so it took us a painstakingly long time to release the first chapter.

After some time, I had to get back to real life stuff and tadakunii, our lead translator, took over the project as Mitsuru-kun acquired better raws. After he suddenly vanished, they were left with no translator for the last volume, and I’ve gladly accepted. So here we are, about two and a half years later, finally completed with the series. I would personally like to thank the group for letting me scanlate the series in the first place and for sticking with it until the end.

Now I shall ask you to read the full series first before reading this part, as it contains SPOILERS.

Ayane has been a fun series to translate. It doesn’t have such heavy dialogue, and the battle scenes are really well drawn. The character development of Ayane is the main charm of the series, and it was executed really well. From a bratty older sister to a girl seeking revenge, Ayane’s journey to get the strongest Ghost was quite interesting. The series also had good pacing and had a clear end goal, which meant that we’re getting into something definitive in the end.

But this pacing itself lead to problems later on in the series because it felt really lacking towards the end. I believe this is due to the low popularity of the series, which I can understand because there were some inconsistencies in the way they portray how “clever” Ayane is, and how there’s less focus on other characters. Cucumber girl Kurosaki could probably have had a bigger role, but then the series got axed. And all things considered, this is the first series that Asagiri-sensei created, so I’m pretty sure he has learned his lessons from here and applied those on the other series.

Well, I gotta say, I will miss doing Ayane. Not because it’s a good series (it isn’t, especially if you compare it to how good BSD is), but because it was awesome doing it with the folks at the group. If you saw the banter we had on the last two chapters, you’ll see why.


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