Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 2 Notes

Forgot to post this.

So yeah, sloooow work being done on this. Thankfully, jag got us volume raws so it’ll hopefully speed up.

Page 40

Fukuzawa Yukichi (1835-1901) was a writer, teacher, translator and journalist. He’s considered as the Voltaire of Japan. His ability name comes from his 1944 biography Ten wa Hito no Ue ni Hito o Tsukurazu (Heaven doesn’t make one man above another). Because the term Heaven was omitted in the ability name, I’ve just used the literary meaning of the title, which is All Men are Equal.

Page 44

Tanizaki Junichirou (1886-1965) was one of the major authors of modern Japanese literature. His BSD counterpart’s power Sasameyuki (Light Snow) is from a three-book novel of the same title which he published from 1943-1948.

His BSD younger sister Naomi is the central character of his 1924 novel Chijin no Ai (A Fool’s Love). Both Sasameyuki and Chijin no Ai were published in English and received film adaptations.


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